User Experience (UX)

Practicing UX since 2013, when I began working with a classically trained 20-year UX professional. I contributed to several projects at his firm, First User Group, where I worked on UX for client web and mobile applications (see case studies below).

Market research, UX evaluation, user testing, wireframes, mockups

Case Study: YouTube product placement marketplace (Project co-lead)

Market research, user research, persona development, wireframes & design recommendations

  • Researched both sides of a two-sided marketplace, making key discoveries in the mindsets, motivations, and language used by users. Developed personas and made design recommendations based on findings.
  • Wireframed a new user dashboard and all important user flows.
  • Client immediately adopted new tagline and other recommendations, with more recommendations added to their product roadmap.

Content BLVD:

"You guys slam dunked all over user-centric design." - Dan Ripoll, Content BLVD Founder & CEO

Case study: Streaming music player

Market research, UX evaluation, and user testing

  • Researched competitive landscape of streaming audio applications, identifying users' favorite features and common complaints.
  • Performed a UX evaluation of client application by methodically interacting with every app feature to map the taxonomy, identify interaction obstacles, and note my own emotional response to features and app interactions.
  • Performed user testing of iOS application with first-time users. Recorded user paths, interaction obstacles, and user emotional responses.
  • Extrapolated key findings and made actionable recommendations to client.

Case study: Couples web application

Revamp user flows and UI of various screens

  • Created wireframes of improved user flows, including user sign-up and setting up app notifications.
  • Helped streamline application structure and created wireframes of new top-level navigation
  • Redesigned UI of various screens

Case study: Home buyers web application

Market research, user research

  • Conducted interviews to learn more about the home buying process from the buyer's perspective, including the emotional experience.
  • Helped develop interview questions aligning with client business goals.
  • Produced report with key findings from interviews.