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SPIDR Tech is a police intelligence and community engagement platform that helps police organizations serve their communities better than ever.

This project was a ground-up site design, taking the founder's vision and bringing it to life with original illustrations and page layouts. Communicating SPIDR's brand - balancing a strong, sharp-edged approach with a community-friendly feel - was a priority expressed through form, colors, fonts, and language. This responsive design is suitable for desktop, tablet, and smartphone-based browsers.

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We originally met Michael as a rockstar design associate at Techstars. We liked his work so much that we contracted him to do our website design after the program ended. We were very happy with the design of the website and his initial version required very little iteration (he's that good at reading minds). You can tell that he really tries to build his design around the "why" and "who" of your mission and audience. That's a skillset that's hard to find with most designers.

-Rahul Sidhu, SPIDR Tech Co-Founder & CEO



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