UX & website design - Filament Networks

Filament is building hardware and communications infrastructure for the industrial Internet of Things.

The Filament team approached me in January 2016 with a seemingly simple project - a new website design to coincide with their initial product launch. Filament's vision and product, however, are completely transformative and require an understanding of big, abstract concepts AND a tangible offering that supports a myriad of concrete business cases.

I proposed this project be conducted in two phases. The first phase encompassed a UX study to better understand the industry, competitive landscape, and Filament's prospective customers. These findings, presented as part of a thorough UX report, informed design recommendations that included user flows, site structure, content and storytelling, and visual style. Phase two brought these elements to life in the form of wireframes, copy, illustrations, and high-fidelity mockups that were carefully prepared for Filament's development team.

Visit the Filament website at www.filament.com.

"The whole team was very impressed with the quality and thoroughness of your UX report. We especially appreciated how quickly you incorporated our raw feedback into the wireframes and mockups, which turned out looking great. Your curiosity and talent made for an awesome experience working with you!"

-Shilpi Kumar, Product Development; Jake Ingman, Head of Product, Peter Saint-Andre, VP of Strategy



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Product page (Mobile)


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