Bloomberg Android app redesign exercise

The goal of this design exercise was to modernize the Bloomberg Android app with a fresh visual style and modern UI, while maintaining the Bloomberg brand and a familiar look & feel for upgrading users.

UI design, visual design | Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, pen and paper

Headlines screen

  • Increased prominence of video content & modernized the UI.
  • Implemented tabs for Headline categories for easier navigation; previous design stacked all headlines into a really long list.
  • Moved the Live video feature from the app menu (see below) to the Action bar for greater prominence - a UI element also found on the Bloomberg website.
  • Added subtle Bloomberg branding cues.


  • Implemented a more modern left-hand navigation drawer.
  • Integrated the “Stock Finder” directly into the menu.
  • Implemented a drop-down subnav for Markets, replacing a secondary menu screen in the previous design.
  • Added a counter to indicate new News items within the menu.
  • Moved the refresh function to a persistent footer bar.

Equities screen

  • Modernized the overall UI; added valuable graphics content.
  • Implemented a tabbed interface for quicker, cleaner navigation.
  • Display additional valuable information within each list item, removing the need for toggles and eliminating unnecessary clicks.


App wireframes